Science "Club" - while we don't actually meet as a "club," students interested in science have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.  Those include:
Science Olympiad occurs every year on the Monday & Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This is an extracurricular competition in which students who choose may compete in various tasks at the state event in Bozeman. The different tasks encompass all areas of science such as the environment, earth science, physics and biology. If enough students sign up, we take both a junior high (grades 5-8) and a high school (grades 9-12) team. 
* Science Fair - for grades 1 through 8,  occurs each year at the end of January.  Students have time for choosing topics and starting research in their science classes before the Christmas break, although they do the experiments at home. In January time is given in classes to create the presentation. Older students complete individual projects while those in younger grades contribute to class projects.  
* Montana Science Bowl - this is a yearly extracurricular event in March where 4 student teams compete in round robin tournaments, answering science questions from all disciplines.  If there is enough interest, we enroll either/or a junior high and a high school team. 
*Special Science Activities:  occur every so often such as  Expedition Yellowstone, that involves  grades 5 through 8 traveling to Yellowstone National Park in November or December every other year. This is an outdoor learning program with class and activities concentrated on geology and ecology, sponsored by the National Park Service.